"Ten grand? That's chump change, Sister.

  • "Ten grand? That's chump change, Sister. We'll need at least 30Gs to solve a problem like Maria."

  • "30, huh? Damn. That's my Vegas money right there. Well, Sister Maria's gotta die. Call Father John. He knows a good Cleaner. I'll get you the extra 20 Gs right after church."

  • "Father John can bite me!" I was not about to off the nun, even if they offered me 50 Gs and my very own taco truck. I was going to have to disappear, and fast - but where

  • could I run to, where could I had? Their spies, soldiers of the Knights of Columbus, were everywhere -- and without the taco truck I had no transportation. Remembering an old flame

  • I hiked across country & rapped on her window. "Oh, it's you," she said."You still impudent or you got some pills for that?" "I'm in big trouble. Lend me your Vespa. It's the KoC!

  • " She was less than thrilled to see me at her window. I wasn't handsome anymore. Nope. All that sexiness had given way to stress eating and hair loss.

  • She now weighed 325 pounds and was bald. So she wore wigs, one of which was fire engine red. She wore it in public and the bus driver wanted her to stop distracting other passenger

  • by her exposed privilege. The bus driver told her to put it in her pants. Still not seeing the privilege, she opened the big red umbrella that came with her fire engine red wig whi

  • -ch by then had caught fire, causing her to run about the bus screaming until someone located the extinguisher, and still she could not see her exposed privilege."Where is it?" she

  • wailed. The bus driver leaned over to the woman next to him. "She's white, she's straight-- so where's the privilege gone?" The woman chuckled. "She's also a lizard in human skin."



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