Three little mice walked down the street.

  • Three little mice walked down the street. One was brown, the second with a frown, the third had a crown.

  • He had been crowned King of All Mice just two weeks before,and his crown was golden like the sun.His follower were Slice and Dice,and they

  • got into all kinds of comic mischief. The King and his rodentine cabinet were in preparations to address the All Mice Kingdom about the issue of the new house cat when they heard

  • the crash of plateware hitting the aluminum roof of the crack den they called "High Court." It was a clever pun to name it that, set down in a royal mouse decree 3 months ago.

  • But crack had a way of taking everything totally mundane and making it seem clever or interesting. The truth was that the port-o-potty was nothing more than a platic

  • excrement bin in a plastic world. The crack made the port-o-potty look like a cow, so I pushed it down the up-escalator. It rolled in place for hours. "The cow says, "Poo!"' I told

  • security. Somehow they had not seen me perpetrate this act, & more luckily they did not suspect my presence here. Luckily the portopotty on the escalator loosed its load on my ex

  • -boyfriend. He was shocked as as the odious contents of the well seasoned portopotty dumped on his head. He sputtering and stumbling around he knocked over the

  • jumbo-size tub of lube kept for "date night." for weeks, the lingering odor of KY and butt goo permeated the room. This was the last time he'd mistake a Port-a-Potty for the TARDIS

  • . It was sad, really. When he came out of the Port-a-Potty, his face had been so full of expectation. He literally sobbed when he realized he was still at the construction site.



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    Hey,Davodd!Long time,no see...Welcome back!

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