First it was wine and flowers. Then it was

  • First it was wine and flowers. Then it was dinner and a movie. Then it was delivery pizza. Then it was warm-it-up-yourself leftovers. Now it's texts about poo. Color; girth; freque

  • ncy, floating, not floating, color, swapping my Cap'n Crunch for Kashi, beer for kombucha..it was my own damn fault for getting involved with a protologist

  • . He was a workaholic worrier & his area of concern included my lower bowel. I tried to interest him in sticking his finger into other things: pies, dykes etc. & booked a holiday

  • in a Dutch resort; in Amsterdam, he was introduced to legalized narcotics. He began sticking that probing finger into hashish confections. Frankly, I preferred his workaholism.

  • It meant that I didn't have to be victimized by his "Dutch Ovens." The worst were his Microwave Dutch Ovens. This was a truly cruel nasal attack. It involved

  • all sorts of abhorrent stenches. I don't even know what he could have been cooking those things. Well at least now we had a chance to

  • find out. We opted for the Cold Case File. A cold case was any unresolved case upon which no active investigation has happening. But the case was still active. Many rookie detectiv

  • Es were watching the Pikachu and Squirtles invade their territory, attracting the suspects they were looking for. Amazing! Mr. Pikachu and Mr. Squirtle were hired on the spot and

  • took the job with all respect in the world, in unity they carried on my wayward son, cuz there was peace when they were done.

  • Peace. It was like a miracle out of nowhere. If one listened closely, a prog band could be heard playing this totally killer organ melody in the distance. Sunset was approaching.



  1. LordVacuity Aug 14 2017 @ 01:32

    They don't have prog bands in Kansas since they took Dorothy. That is while the Kansans do not cotton much to unions. In their minds, unions were another form of guild. A guild like the Lollipop Guild.

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