On May 12, 2015, at 3:01 PM, I was writing

  • On May 12, 2015, at 3:01 PM, I was writing a new Folding Story. On May 12, 2015, at 3:01 PM, a small band of ferrets in Mongolia were eating prunes. On May 12, 2015, at 3:01 PM,

  • a census taker in Micronesia cursed his abacus & smashed it on a Betelnut scupture of an ancestor.On May 12, 2015 at 3:01 PM,a fisher in Alta, Norway ate lutefisk.On May 12,2015 at

  • 15:22, Dr. Moodle finished demonstrating his Past Grabber, able to selectively project the most critical events of yore. E.g.: Titanic Captain's burp after his last meal, Kennedy's

  • last sneeze before entering the convertible, Freddie Mercury's last... well, you get the picture. Dr. Moodle's Past Grabber was a fascinating contraption. Some historical events

  • aren't even worth mentioning. Dr. Moodle's Past Grabber only grabbed the most banal boring moments in history. So, for instance, instead of the Battle of the Bulge, it grabbed

  • what the purveyor labeled "The Matter of the Minions" but was really just a timesnap of Lady Bargemore's maid purchasing a bolt of cloth. Moodle's Past Grabber had missed a more in

  • The bag of chili tomato noodles, belonging to Her Majesty. The bolt of cloth was a lovely floral pattern, and immediately the minions took some for their relatively miniscule homes

  • choosing to make floor-length curtains that would later be converted into playsuits for the children. As the minions danced and sang their way through life, the Queen couldn't help

  • noticing that their was a dark hollowness in their eyes. A smile was plastered on to an empty soul. Each movement seemed almost robotic. As if they had all life sucked from them.

  • I sighed and leaned back. Such is the life of a teacher. I had to pay my bills, so I pretended not to notice and started another lesson plan.



  1. PurpleProf May 20 2016 @ 19:44

    Ahhh, the life of a teacher... Such thoughts flitter across our minds...

  2. Magic May 22 2016 @ 01:47

    Haha I'm a teacher too. Some days are better than others ...

  3. BlastedHeath May 22 2016 @ 21:35

    Nice opener, DanielQuinn!

  4. Dhanithecat May 22 2016 @ 21:54


  5. DanielQuinn May 23 2016 @ 16:52

    Thanks! Wish it could've continued like that, but then again, if it had, we might never have gotten to the singing and dancing robotic minions :)

  6. BlastedHeath May 25 2016 @ 23:26

    But wait -- there's more! http://foldingstory.com/lr3r7/

  7. foldmeonce Jun 13 2016 @ 16:33

    Haha, Purple Prof! Nice ending!!

  8. PurpleProf Jun 13 2016 @ 19:18

    Thank you, FMO!

  9. sundancer Nov 02 2016 @ 21:15

    Bahahaha purple prof great ending!

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