In a Norwegian fjord a thought was nestling

  • In a Norwegian fjord a thought was nestling in an icy cleft of granite. The sun shone on the clear water, the idea became flesh and the flesh took on the form of the mighty Kraken!

  • The Kraken Formerly Known As Thought rumbled along the fjords in search of a few Norwegians to satisfy its appetite. It craved not flesh, but

  • approval. He was looking in the right place; the Norwegians approve of EVERYBODY. The Kraken pulled himself out of a fjord and onto dry land, found a riksvei, and headed for Oslo.

  • All was going well, until he hitched a ride with a rig carrying a load of Rakfisk. The Kraken knew the moment he settled onto the cab, what was in the trailer.

  • Still, the Kraken read his newspaper and sipped his coffee serenely and even made small-talk with the driver as the rig drove over rural highways. The Rakfisk in the trailer would

  • keep, even on this hot day. Pfffssst.The big rig rolled to a halt. "Damn radiator hose," the driver mumbled. Kraken sniffed the sweet scent of rakfish wafting from the trailer.

  • He knew she NEVER cooked rakfish for breakfast. Kraken knew she was up to something. He waited in the library of their trailer trying to hatch a plan to uncover her lies.

  • He wasn't sure what the library was for, since neither of them could read. After he kissed her goodbye he circled around and peered in through the back window, hoping to catch her

  • doing something compromising, that he could use against her later. Something, that when they went to couples therapy, would prove that she was the bad one in the relationship

  • as it is a well known fact that "couples therapy" was actually about placing blame and assigning fault. Her neurotic decision making was not always based on logical reasoning.



  1. BlastedHeath Aug 11 2015 @ 21:12

    The Kraken rises again!

  2. lucielucie Aug 12 2015 @ 16:02

    All hail O mighty Kraken!

  3. lucielucie Aug 12 2015 @ 16:03

    Also... "the library of their trailer" haha

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