I sneezed and she said "Gaia bless you".

  • I sneezed and she said "Gaia bless you". I screwed up my face in a frown and said "What?" She said "Surely you realize

  • that your alergy is one with the balance of nature." Her karmic aura was hitting me in waves. "Come into the light." the strange pharmacist beckoned. "Just Nyquil," I wheezed.

  • "I deal only in the harder stuff," said the pharmacist, and he produced a bottle of Scotch. It was around this time that I noticed he was not so much a pharmacist as a bartender.

  • More than one thing hadn't made much sense that night; the pharmacy turning spontaneously into a bar seemed light in comparison. Maybe I was dreaming - but this felt too real, and

  • the woman mixing pills behind the counter looked like Mrs. Floberst the wife of the pharmacy owner. "Hubert, you look tense. Take one of my fuzzy tranquilizers." she said eyeing

  • the knife drawer, "just take one of those straight to the jugular and you will be fast asleep in no time!" Without a worry in the world he plunged the "tranquilizer" into his neck

  • but the needles was so long that it passed through the neck into his thumb on the other side. Instantly he felt incredibly warm and tired. Just then his victim awoke from sleep and

  • found he had a hump on his back. Hard to ignore, it made it very hard for him to sleep in that position. It sloshed a bit, but he was thirsty less frequently. "Two-drink minimum,"

  • Magda droned, mascara smeared down her wrinkled cheek.His thirst now quenched, he slid off the bar stool and headed back to the Tropicana, bumping his hump against the goddess

  • statue out the front of the Tropicana. A bouncer saw and said to him "I think you have had enough sir". He would not be getting back into the Tropicana tonight so he went home.



  1. Chaz Nov 25 2012 @ 11:38

    ...and the goddess statue was... Gaia! (What a twist!)

  2. Zetawilk Nov 25 2012 @ 13:46

    The Grand Galloping Gaia.

  3. SlimWhitman Nov 25 2012 @ 16:59

    Galloping on a Dromedary?

  4. Zetawilk Nov 25 2012 @ 17:40

    Camels have a buffet car.

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