I raised my right hand, said "I do" at the

  • I raised my right hand, said "I do" at the appropriate time, spelled my name, sat down, glanced meekly at the jury, and proceeded to explain to the whole courtroom why I had killed

  • the whole 12er of Bud even though I knew it was my roommate's. I looked arond the courtroom and sensed the sentiment was not in my favor. Sitting in the jury box was

  • Wolf Blitzer. He wouldn't make eye contact with at all. He thought I was guilty. How did he get on Jury duty in my case? Would he understand about the beer I wondered

  • aloud, within earshot of the interpretive stenographer. She kept a physical record of the proceedings with dance. "Hey, I'm not plotting Mr. Blitzer's demise," I claimed as she mim

  • ed shooting a gun then shaking her head "no". The jury was supposed to ignore the interpretive stenographer, but it was hard since she accompanied her dance moves with a theremin.

  • The interpretive stenographer's theramin reached a thrilling climax as the defense team completed their cross examination. The Jury awarded 4's & 5's for the performance. The Olymp

  • ia Mons Galactic Games Summit was well underway. The prosecuting team won 98-85, and as is custom, feasted on the cranial sweetbreads of the defense for the live streaming cameras

  • Luckily, the defence don't need too much brain to function, so boarded the rocket to Ganymede. In the capsule, the postmortem started: "You shouda sliced their ventricles BEFORE

  • you sauteed them. Now they're too tough to cut and...no, no, no...I said FOLD, not whip!" 3 long hours later they sat stupidly together in the capsule, preparing to devour their

  • salad of papers and graphite dreams. Each denied the tears that wept as they waited for reentry, thinking over their losses. The tears swept away the words which they then ate.



  1. 49erFaithful Feb 28 2013 @ 12:53

    I have a self-imposed ban on playing the theremin. I just can't stop myself from making excessive siren noises. It's irresistible.

  2. buddyboy4711 Feb 28 2013 @ 13:16

    I just realized that I plagiarized myself (http://foldingstory.com/3mnsz/vzjhx4/). I used to have an art teacher who'd bring in an interpretive dancer to "react with motion" to the lesson and "inspire us to react with paint", so maybe needless interpretive stuff stuck in my craw a bit.

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