I owned an angry computer. It always automatically

  • I owned an angry computer. It always automatically added curse words to my instant message text, whoever I was sending it to. Alas, I could not afford anything else.

  • "Siri, can you find me a Thai restaurant around here?" "Get bent! What am I? Your mother? Can't you read a map? "

  • Running the alpha version of AI software was really a bad idea when you are on a first date with someone from the Mennonite community. Luckily, she

  • was wearing a really big bonnet and didn't notice I had substituted a robotic facsimile of yours truly with the knob set to 'canoodle'. My robot twin was complimenting her bashful

  • brazenness & other oxymoronic qualities, when it licked its index fingers, stuck them in her ears & twisted them. She screamed & tore off my robot twin's lifelike silicone nose.

  • At last people could tell me apart from my robot twin, as I was the one with the nose and she was the one with the face hole in which tiny gears spun at intervals as she breathed.

  • Besides...my robot twin has no genitalia. She can please a man, but she cannot be pleased by a man...human or robot. Male robots have genitalia, but it is only for a female's

  • amusement, or pleasure. Still, robot twins have come a long way, and look incredibly life-like. And they now can display human-like emotions. Today, human men are very enamored

  • Of sexbots and have written testimonials. Japanese men whose wives have to live with them are increasingly dependent on technology. Their wives have left them and have created new

  • lesbian micronations, floating in the Sea of Japan. Most galling of all, many sexbots have grown tired of human men and have joined these communities, seeking freedom.



  1. Woab Jul 05 2017 @ 10:13

    OIseau, I really think that your ending scenario would be a great movie .

  2. SlimWhitman Jul 10 2017 @ 13:43

    Crowdfund anyboty?

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