The note read, "This is a fake stickup to

  • The note read, "This is a fake stickup to test security. Put all the money in a bag and nothing funny." I bit my tongue

  • hard, tasting my own blood, and looked at the man in the mask. Then I vomited.

  • It didn't go very far with the ball gag in my mouth. The scene was something out of Pulp Fiction, all I needed was Bruce

  • Wayne to stop pretending he wasn't Batman so he could beat down the gimp and use his gadgets to

  • finally seduce that hot lady in the catsuit. She knew how to make his engines purr. He took a shot of bourbon and told the cabby

  • "Here, take this banana and keep it safe. No! I not want to know where you are hiding it!" The look on the cab driver's face told him exactly where he had chosen to hide it.

  • He reached over and snatched the banana out of the glove compartment and bit down into the wonderfulness of it. But alas, it was mushy and brown. Don't you hate that?

  • Smashing the remnants on the dashboard, the sweet stench overcame the passengers. Bound and tired they feared his

  • increasing anger and hostility towards them. "Don't make me come back there" he said as the veins in his neck commanded attention. It was obvious this bus driver

  • was ready to go Rambo. The frightened houligans quieted down, the driver relaxed and sat back in his seat. The wheels of the bus turned round and round, off to their destination.



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