I can't wait to go to Six Flags today. I

  • I can't wait to go to Six Flags today. I went last year but I didnt get to ride all the rides. This year the first thing im going to do is

  • getting in line for the biggest fastest roller coaster in the park . Then I want to

  • stand there for hours. Nothing like waiting for a ride among bored kids and crabby senior citizens. Finally, I was in front. Then the coaster broke down. A murmer rippled through

  • my stomach, uh-oh, IBS backlog and I'm trapped in the coaster. That wouldn't be so bad, but we're trapped upside down. The lap bar was cutting into my gut, I could feel things

  • gurgling and rumbling. Oh Shit, I thought, then laughed a little bit at my use of that particular expletive. IBS while stuck upside down on a roller coaster? Things were about to

  • get fucked up

  • ...but then again, no. I'm a man who makes potions for a traveling show. I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do. You clearly are in need of some kind of potion, no?!

  • I'm telling you, potions are simply magic. I want to be a great and powerful wizard one day, and these potions are helping me mark out that road to getting there.

  • But knowing the potion recipe is only half the battle. Securing ingredients for the most powerful magic required skill that not even Clarence could bribe from the customs agent at

  • the desk. "We don't accept bribes to divulge skills, having none." So Clarence bribed him for a cobra and a jaguar penis, wove his spell & *poof* His mother-in-law was in Mexicali!



  1. SlimWhitman Sep 02 2013 @ 18:26

    The backstory... http://foldingstory.com/mn32o/

  2. PurpleProf Sep 02 2013 @ 18:46

    Hahaa! Great ending Mr. SlimWhitman!!!

  3. SlimWhitman Sep 03 2013 @ 03:25

    Thanks! I struggled a bit, but once I included the Jaguar penis it all fell into place. You need powerful magic to make a mother-in-law disappear!

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