If I find my key,

  • If I find my key,

  • I'll start the car. If I start the car,

  • then she will babble, if she babbles

  • she will dribble. And if she babbles and dribbles, she might also

  • lead the republicans to victory at the next election. She had a good chance with an expensive campaign funded by the Flat Earth Society and War Mongering Greed Monkeys

  • led by the greediest "monkeys" of all, her evil twin sons, Take and Pilfer. The two boys bowled over the competition on the campaign trail with ease. Kissing mothers and babies,

  • If I go to sleep, I won't study.

  • If I don't study, I won't pass my exams. If I don't pass my exams I won't get a job. If I don't get a job, I'll starve. This is why I decided never to sleep again and died.. anyway

  • that was the dream I had last night, ironic, huh? I hate finals week, it's almost as bad as when I was pledging. Standing outside naked in the snow is kinda like studying for the

  • blood test that you know you will get an "O" negative score on no matter how much you study, because you know your veins will shrink and will be hard to find.



  1. 49erFaithful Dec 03 2013 @ 18:37

    Private Investigator James Manatee is looking into a recent claim that Meme in fact = Misshonjo. It's a scandalous accusation with depositions and internal investigations ongoing.

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