I'm a prince, I need no last name. I am

  • I'm a prince, I need no last name. I am a princess indeed I came.

  • I am the witch with the crooked staff, who will tear this fairy tale in half. I am the finch who listens in, I must warn them of this...um... (Jimmy's eyes stared off stage.)

  • Awkward silence. It was the actor's nightmare. "SIN...SIN..." Ms. Wagner whispered to Jimmy. Eyes glazed, Jimmy just stood there a moment, then fell into the orchestra pit.

  • Jimmy the cricket was drunk again, drinking fermented "hops." Ever since he'd gotten his Disney fame, he became arrogant and wasteful. He's always say, "Let your conscience

  • Be your guide." Jimmy's mum was worried about him and contacted Disney regarding his contract. What did it entail? Was he supposed to get drunk and do drugs?

  • "Because, I really think he is too young to be doing drugs and drinking without me there as a chaperone to make sure he can make in to his first day of 3rd Grade", argued Jimmy's m

  • onocled nanny, whilst roughly adjusting little Jimmy's outfit to more properly represent their constituency.

  • When Jimmy realized that is what she was doing he smacked her hands away, threw out his tail feathers, and stuck him bum out. The press understood he was sticking his bum out at th

  • -e world. The next day, headlines read "Jimmy Peacock Moons World as Protest of Mistreatment". Phony GoFundMe campaigns sprung up like dandelions in order to reap profit from

  • the tears of undead managers and misconstrued bosses. All of the paychecks for this year fed the dandelions as fertilizer.



  1. knight_medek Aug 25 2018 @ 19:05

    Jimmy the peacock-cricket hybrid... ahahaha! I thought this was a story about the union protesting against low wages or something. Then again.. I have been job hunting so...

  2. Woab Aug 30 2018 @ 15:31

    I hope you job hunt fares well. Great last line!

  3. knight_medek Aug 31 2018 @ 00:32

    Thanks Woab for the well wishes and the compliment (=P). Jimmy still looks like a peacock-cricket hybrid to me now.

  4. LordVacuity Sep 13 2018 @ 16:57

    I remember I kept passing this one up because I was sure it was about Jiminy Cricket but it clearly said Jimmy. If I were to fold on it, which name would I use? Was it my job to fix the name? What if I was wrong? My conscience refused to guide me.

  5. ValkyrieGrrl Sep 20 2018 @ 10:38

    LordVacuity....well then, "...give a little whistle!" (I can see this whole JIminy/Jimmy cricket split persona thing really developing into something sinister...lol)

  6. Woab Sep 20 2018 @ 14:09

    You can add to this new story about Jiminy's no-account brother Jimmy here: http://foldingstory.com/fzgo8/

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