It was a difficult climb, especially with

  • It was a difficult climb, especially with 20 kilos of coffee super-glued to my eye-lash. About 400 miles from the summit the eccentric eagle of Essex

  • swooped down on me and demanded a toll payment. I glared at the eagle but then, I had an idea. I offered the 20 kilos of superglued coffee from my eyelash, but he couldn't yank it

  • away from the troll who'd crawled out of my nose and was gripping my lashes with all her might. "Hey Eagle, instead of a toll payment, how 'bout a troll payment?" The Eagle

  • flew away as fast as she could, leaving me behind. The Eagle has a bad history with trolls so I partially don't blame her, but then again this troll is right in front of me...

  • offering me a subscription to Time magazine, so forgive me if I'm slightly offended that she left me alone with him. I politely nodded as the troll continued his sales pitch.

  • It would serve her right if this magazine salesman deflowered me here and now and sold me 4 subscriptions to Time Magazine. I can't believe she'd me leave vulnerable like this. How

  • like an orphan I feel, having been wretchedly abandoned and thrown to the magazine salesman? Sad and alone, I let him in. He and I raided the fridge and watched TV until we heard

  • A bang on the door

  • , a whoosh of the wind, a bark of a distant dog. Things were getting surreal. I had to act fast. I picked up the phone and hastily dialed a number. "Domino's Pizza? I'd like a

  • Momento to tella you abouta my life. West philadephia borned and a raised, in the sewers spenda mosta my days. Got in a one sex offenders list .. you know the rest from here.



  1. Perronicus Oct 18 2022 @ 06:44

    Wow.. 7 years in the making

  2. KieferSkunk Oct 19 2022 @ 06:44

    I'm impressed at how well my line fit in with the rest of the story given the short, contextless line I was responding to. :)

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