"Lots of them!" He said as he pulled the

  • "Lots of them!" He said as he pulled the pieces of the metal detector from the middle of the redwood tree's base.

  • The forest ranger snapped his cell phone. He wondered how many more land mines were planted in the California Northern Woods. He surveyed the still smoldering boots of a pot farmer

  • -'s market hemp boots. Then he felt a warm clump of hair and meet fall on his back. The forest ranger pulled a slab of skull from his shoulder. Above him the boots' owner's guts

  • spilled, idiomatically. "I stole these boots from that slab of meat," he said. "It once was Robert's. He had a blonde dreadlocked terrarium on that skull." An insect crawled out

  • of his left nostril, leaving a trail of phlegm across his face. When folding a random story, one must be willing to reveal the most disgusting human truths. She licked it off and

  • smiled graciously. He was the most eligible bachelor in the fishing village and she could not afford to waste any opportunity to show him she was

  • double-jointed in both the hips and knees. His eyes bulged out as she contorted into a position so sexually suggestive that it's since been banned within sight of the docks.

  • He tried to keep himself away from her, but he just couldn't help himself.

  • He couldn't remember why he woke up under her heavy frame with some undefinable liquid dripping onto his chest. But it was definitely his TBird. He recognized his bodywork.

  • Shoving her onto the passenger seat, he cleaned off what goo he could, wiping his hands onto her flower-print mu-mu, started the T-Bird and drove to the New Mexican desert for good



  1. 49erFaithful Nov 26 2012 @ 14:45

    Hmm. Were those liquids simply standard vehicle fluids, or were they the life juices from Robert, the dreadlocked pot farmer? Tough call.

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