The accelerator suddenly dropped to the floor,

  • The accelerator suddenly dropped to the floor, and all 476 horses thundered under the hood. Flames jetted from the side exhaust, and the impromptu crowd whooped and hollered at the

  • monster truck with 50 inches wheels. Gas prices kept the 476 horses parked most of the time Today Tommy let them have their reins in order to become the stable master on the street

  • of broken dreams. But here I go again on my own. Going down the only road I've EVER known. Like a drifter I was born to

  • two parents. "But everyone's born to two parents!" Luke yelled. "Well, yeah... but I'm born to two parents the way a drifter is born to two parents." I said, to which he replied

  • "Yeah but your father is not the scourge of the galaxy which runs the Empire with an iron fist." Luke then pouted in the corner. For a new Jedi Master, he was a bit of a wuss.

  • Luke also wasn't too bright. But researched history actually showed Jar Jar was actually a motorcycle-riding, chain-gun-toting T-1000 who left fiery death in his wake. "Let's kick

  • the Ewoks!" was his cry as he fought for evil, alongside the vile Han Solo and wicked Chewbacca. Since history is written by the winners, of course you think Jedi were good! Dart

  • boards everywhere are filled with holes brought about by the actions of the evil Jedi. And for some bizarre reason, they always hit the bullseye and we never think anything of it.

  • After all, we were just bit players in this cantina scene. Dammit, get me my agent! I want to be a FEATURED cantina character! Sick of these "evil Jedi" dart games! Give me another

  • note on the accordian! I sang then, sang like never before, hitting a high B flat and breaking out all of the windows. "OK," they said. "You got the part." Finally I was a STAR!



  1. KieferSkunk Nov 09 2012 @ 13:07

    I always knew Jedis cheated at darts...

  2. jaw2ek Nov 09 2012 @ 13:25

    You know you would too...all of you!

  3. Chaz Nov 09 2012 @ 13:53

    STAR WARS! Talkin bout STAR WARRRS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53DQgbj2mIc

  4. Zetawilk Nov 10 2012 @ 00:15

    I'm just saying it would have been a different movie that way. I'm just saying the narrative called for another Han Solo, not comic relief. I'm just saying that in this case, it was not a subjective matter.

  5. Chaz Nov 12 2012 @ 18:35

    My reference was Star Wars as a musical per fold 10, see youtube post. When Star Wars came out, they had a muscial tribute on the Donny and Marie Variety Show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMW4Ad8fIF4

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