Photogaphy is a message meant to be unfolded.

  • Photogaphy is a message meant to be unfolded. Alot like mailboxes filled with emotions, insights, dreams, and visions- photography is about responding to those letters with images.

  • When I put my photo (message) in your mailbox (emotions etc.) sometimes I forget to put a stamp (intention) on or it gets lost in the post or I put it in my bag & find it crumpled

  • My actions may show you're not important to me; that I don't care if my paper will reach you or nor. It is nothing like that. I'm just sabotaging myself. I'm afraid you'll think

  • I'm lying when I tell you my grandmother died (again) and, well, you're right (again). I can't seem to think of any original excuse for why my paper is late (again). If anything, I

  • am only rehashing a regurgitation of shopworn cliches. My paper is late because I didn't write it. End of story. Will you now give me an A for honesty? Oh, and I love you, asshol

  • -e. He looked at me for a long moment then wrote a big fat D- on my report card. I guess I shouldn't have called him an asshole regardless off the preceding sentiment. Now what?

  • I called my lawyer and she came in right away. I couldn't let my parents see this D-, even if it meant saying sorry to the biggest asshole of a teacher. Or I could sue him. That

  • could be a good idea.

  • I wrote it down in a small composition book for just such an occasion. I figure that if I can get enough observations I can do stand-up comedy. Note 35: Water is wet stuff.

  • I needed one more observation to fulfill my dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.



  1. PurpleProf Aug 15 2013 @ 21:03

    Good attempt, Chaz & Stephanie96...

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