I don't understand it. It seems like my worst

  • I don't understand it. It seems like my worst most convoluted folds end up finishing, while the literary masterpieces folded three maybe four times somehow always get lost. WHY?

  • Maybe my masterpiece folds are untouchables because noone wants to ruin perfection by continuing the story? "Foldingspace is no place for perfection." So said the one eyed old man

  • driving past in a hovercraft full of eels. Another odd thing is the folds I write which make me cackle the most get the least points. Maybe other folders have no sense of humour?

  • I should probably stop. Once Foldingstory points analysis begins the obsession creeps up like giant squid tentacles. Next thing you know you're comparing Stark's fold with Lucie

  • Luice's. Chaz looked through the one-way mirror and chewed on his pencil. The test audience for his fold concerning "clowns" gave him low marks. What do these college kids want?

  • Reluctantly, he put down the pencil and walked away from the mirror. After all, his parents taught him that it's rude to spy on people.

  • The real him was confused to see his reflection give up and walk away. He pressed his face up to the mirror, to see where his reflection had gone. He forgot it was rude to spy on

  • others. He turned away and flicked off the light. His reflection had been waiting to catch him off guard though. Its shiny arms reached out and pulled him into the dark mirror.

  • He tried to flee away from the gloomy shadow but that was to late for him. Knock! Knock Knock ! someone knock the door. He was stayed at the past time now. It makes he wondering.

  • Could this be the end of the journey? The gloomy shadow always on his mind; also the possible gloomy mind. The subject of death of death, and what might follow tormented him.



  1. grok Nov 06 2015 @ 14:42

    Come to speak of it, can someone of the established FSers maybe point me to a discussion of the finish/oblivion ratio for folds, and possible strategies? I always figured, since a story has 10 folds you can only start a new story for every 9 additions, and a lot of people seem to overstep that limit, so the mountain of unfinished folds keeps ever growing by necessity… Or has there been a more intriguing hypothesis? And about the literary masterpieces, would it be a useful feature to post some kind of wish list on your profile? Or would that be cheating the readership test / Fold Gods?

  2. lucielucie Nov 09 2015 @ 15:38

    Relaaax.... an ever expanding number of unfinished stories can only be a good thing : ) I only have one link to a story in my profile. It's about me being a Mud Queen. It might not be a literary masterpiece. .. but I know what I like.

  3. Chaz Nov 09 2015 @ 23:32

    I think of it like sending messages in a bottle. When I get an answer back, it is like "When did I write this?"

  4. grok Nov 12 2015 @ 15:54

    Still… I somehow feel sorry for all those unfinished little gems on the oblivion pile. Hmmm, just had an idea: I could probably write all of my folds like an end to the story, that way it would be finished to me, even if it's never picked up again. Guess I'll like that better. Those characters will live their lives even faster from now on.

  5. lucielucie Nov 13 2015 @ 13:57

    I just finished a story for you grok. Hope that makes you feel a bit happier :)

  6. grok Nov 15 2015 @ 15:08

    The accidental one? That explains everything: people only ever finish their work by accident around here! …it DOES make me feel happier though, now that I have a compelling explanation. Thanks! :P

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