Marvin woke in the middle of the night after

  • Marvin woke in the middle of the night after a leathery dream with drool on his cheek and a rabid bat nestled in his Movember beard.

  • Marvin had raised $374.15 so far for his charity, Adults with ADHD. The rabid bat living in his Movember beard was just a bonus. Cheecho as he called him, was suckling on the drool

  • & utterly immobile, as happens to bats with rabies. Marvin took his beard-dwelling bat, Cheecho, to the veterinarian for help. But the operation would cost the money he'd raised.

  • So Marvin had to cure Cheecho by positive thinking alone. The rabid bat, drooling, poked its head out of his beard.

  • "You know, Cheecho," Marvin began, "There are seeds of greatness in you. Living here in my beard is not your destiny, little bat. No, you are born to fly, to hang upside down &

  • catch prey," said Marvin, realizing that he might soon be suffering from empty beard-nest syndrome. "Someday, Cheecho, you will have to spread your little batwings and fly away..."

  • Marvin loved Cheecho. They'd crewed together in Harvard. Back then he wasn't Marvin Gaye, he was Marvin Gaylord and Cheecho, well he was always in the campus

  • And then Marvin took to the campus's musical, playing the lead in Les Miserables. The crowd went wild for him; he had become a celebrity. So he took the name Marvin Gaye. He was

  • sued by the "real" Marvin Gaye, and then took the name Jean Valjean, and, once again, was sued. Finally, he changed his name to 24601...nobody sued. Then he moved to Honduras.

  • The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and now known again as Prince happened to live next door to him & they became best friends, living out their lives in relative obscurity.



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