After the embezzlement charges and the foreclosure

  • After the embezzlement charges and the foreclosure I went underground. I'd been living in the subway for 5 years and thought I'd seen everything, but the glowing eyes and chewing

  • teeth of the Wimboderp were unlike anything I'd ever seen before. I had hid in a garbage can in the subway as I watched it lurking in a dark corner eating small chunks of

  • homeless people. The Wimboderp was a muskrat gone wrong in the foul intestines of the New York subway system. It looked in my direction. It smelled me.

  • I smelled fresh and clean with a hint of Old Spice. I am on a horse. The Wimboderp smiled and offered me a rose. I was seduced by the Wimboderp's friendly manner and polite convers

  • action into buying a timeshare in a holiday villa on the island of Madeira. I don't even speak Portuguese. This is what I mean by the Wimboderp's uncanny ability to control minds

  • And persuade them to be adventurous. I happily planned a trip there and a strange thing happened on the way to the airport.

  • Being unfamiliar with the streets of Alburquerque I took a left on Bradbury Street and instead of the airport we arrived at the Roman Forum just as Brutus was finally acquiescing.

  • Not having realized before that Alburquerque had a gay Greco-Roman Wrestling house, I decided to miss my plane and stay on, there. The Roman Forum hired me as cocktail waitress and

  • bouncer, depending on the day of the week. I served libations with cute names like "Caesar Now" & "Et Tu Brute" & made sure the vomitorium got emptied. The toga-clad gay wrestlers

  • Continued with their wrestling, Nero played, Rome burned, the Lions lost another one, and off in the distance, at the coliseum, Lavar Ball claimed that his son was the savior. Amen



  1. Woab Feb 15 2018 @ 12:00

    Aw. It's so nice that the narrator was able to find gainful employment again.

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