Something was different, I found myself in

  • Something was different, I found myself in a diffrent timeline. A way cooler one too. John Lennon had survived the shooting, Christopher Walken was the President, and my girlfriend

  • was Marilyn Monroe's granddaughter.The travel agent told us we'd have a great "time" when we visited Stonehenge, but I never expected this.Changing history was fun! All I had to do

  • prevent the rise of fascism in Germany. Thankfully, I had taken modern technology back in time with me to help me on my quest. I open the anti-fascism app on my iPhone and suddenly

  • I have no signal. What the? Crap. I went back in time with my smart phone to stop Italian Fascism and now I can't connect. Musolini was bearing down on me.

  • "Whaddya, whaddya, you wanta da plans?" Mussolini slapped rolls of architectural drawings down. "You knocka down Roman ruins and builda me Fascisti monumenti!" How could I stop him

  • he was Mussolini one of the most feared dictators in history and even though I was dealing with his ghost I was still terrified! They didn't teach me how to deal with this in

  • shop class. We did a chapter on wooden stakes and vampires, but nothing about ghosts, fascists, or dictators. I built a hut to protect myself from Ghost Mussolini and his army of

  • hobbits, ewoks and alien goblins. I tried to reinforce the hut with mycelium from mushrooms and other fungi but it wasnt all that safe although it did trap a few of the hobbits. Th

  • ose hobbits are a sneaky bunch. Have you seen their big clown feet? Can you say pedicure? So there are at least a dozen hobbits stuck in the hut, and they are crying and bitching

  • about having to share a single cookie among all of them. They started to argue about it when a freakish finger monkey ran in, stole the cooke, and took off eating it. nom nom



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