This FoldingStory is intended strictly for

  • This FoldingStory is intended strictly for use by authors and members of FoldingStory.com. All characters are fictitious. Any similarities to actual events or persons is purely

  • an added bonus in this bumper car ride of chance encounters we call life. Take the author who started this story, 49Faithful. Suppose when he was 9 yrs old, his father took him to

  • forty different faith healers, only to run into Slim's double, Lemony Snicket. The latter escaped into the Canadian underground to hide out with MoralEnd's buddy icon, a dapper man

  • that shaved daily with a cutthroat razor. 49erFaithful was unaware of the plot and hid in a corner whilst a stampede of wild camels galloped by. The window of opportunity opened

  • and my freshly laundered cotton curtains danced daintily in the breeze. So enthralled was I with their whimsical movement, I didn't notice the stampede until 49erFaithful whistled

  • that Amy Winehouse tune, the ONLY Amy Winehouse tune. That was 49faithful for you, but LucieLucie screamed at him to stop it!

  • "I said no, no, no!" said 49erFaithful now that LucieLucie had opened his Pandora's Box of sas. "Get a room, you two," said PurpleProf, trying to grade papers at the FS AA meeting.

  • Lucielucie, the official slag of Folding Story, wasn't fussy about who she folded with. People who were confused about their writing style or just confused, found her easy virtue

  • amusing, witty, even musical sometimes. Lucielucie was the one everyone was following. Abusive? Rude? May it never be!! Hold it, who is that entering? It's

  • FoldingStory Founder, Noah. "It was so worth it to mortgage my home to pay FS hosting charges because you all have made this the most entertaining, creative site on the internet!"



  1. SlimWhitman Sep 22 2013 @ 05:56

    Another FoldingStory brought to you by a finely crafted encounter of chance, opportunity and whimsy.

  2. jayursus Sep 22 2013 @ 08:23

    Chance, Opportunity, and Whimsy, Esquires. Serving the FoldingStory community proudly since the Upper Pleistocene.

  3. lucielucie Sep 23 2013 @ 17:22

    Hope the repayments aren't too steep, Noah.

  4. Chaz Sep 30 2013 @ 01:20

    All names have been changed to protect the innocent or hide the guilty.

  5. Netgyrl Oct 11 2013 @ 11:53

    Wow. That was amazing. It's almost scary when they stay on track like that. :)

  6. SlimWhitman Oct 11 2013 @ 14:32

    Hey Nonny, this turvy tale made top nine!

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