Lap dog on a highway, Cool whip in his hair.

  • Lap dog on a highway, Cool whip in his hair. The smell of burritos rising up through the air. Up ahead in the distance I saw a shivering wight.

  • My egg grew heavy and my flight screwed in. I had to flop for tonight.There she stood in the whoreway. I heard the fusion smell. And I was crinkin' to myself this could be Kevin or

  • could be Michelle. Then she slit up my sandals and she throwed them away. I spat into the cuspidor but missed and hit Andre who said, "Well Scum, you know I tried to warn ya

  • this is a hospital for beetle lovers only. You are just lucky to be receiving treatment here." Andre was actually stitching my legs to the table. I hoped it was Michelle, so I

  • said, "Is the first lady here?" Michelle Obama could really sock it to you. But Andre the Giant continued his needlework on my legs, "There'll be no more of that talk." His monocle

  • glinted in the sun. He missed a stitch behind my knee and Andre the Giant bit his lip in frustration. I stared at his long-fingered elegant hands busy chain stitching along my thig

  • H shaped shoe. Andre the Giant, some four years later, still wore those shoes. They were that well made! Mme Dujardin still used Meltonian Shoe Cream to polish her son's shoes.

  • She sang a song while she polished them. The song was about believing in happiness even if only in the small moments, the secret smiles. You will never be able to catch desire when

  • it is thrown at you, but you can steal a kiss from the sublime when it isn't looking. She didn't appreciate my gesture and slapped me with a polish-covered hand, but it was worth

  • the sting. I needed her. Even negative attention was attention. The tears shocked her but, the thank you that won her. Now she slaps me daily of course there is a tickle after.



  1. Rebbie May 12 2017 @ 14:51

    Wow Futique you were really on vibe today. You totally brought the song back into play. Nice!

  2. m80 May 13 2017 @ 19:47

    For you Young Ones who may not be aware, there once was a very popular band called The Eagles who had a song called Hotel California. If you listen to it while reading the first three folds, you'll see they sync very nicely with, and, dare I say, even improve upon the lyrics. :-)

  3. SlimWhitman May 14 2017 @ 06:50

    Huh? Have I been sing it wrong all these years?

  4. Rebbie May 15 2017 @ 14:09

    Yes SlimWhitman you have but I won't hold that against you even Opus on Bloomberg County committed a mondegreen with the national anthem. That one was so controversial they pulled it. Sad how freedom of speech can be so easily interrupted.

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