When the luster of shimmering flowers is

  • When the luster of shimmering flowers is answered by the roar of the sea from afar, the night crosses in stillness and without a sound.

  • I look up to the lighthouse, and muffle my oars. The beacon shines a ruby red across the breakers. We smuggle by the Queen's command. My hands are caked with sea salt as we row.

  • I can taste it in the air as the dingy bumps against the coast, wood scraping along the rocks that we would soon depart onto.

  • As I gazed out upon the breaking waves, I was reminded of a time long ago, before he had been taken by the icy depths and we said our goodbyes on this same beach. The chill wind

  • curtailed my waltz down memory lane. I paddled in thinking about a big chili cheese omelet, oblivious to the giant fin of the Russian Nuke sub following me. I felt something brush

  • against the back of my kayak. I turned and saw two tiny Russian sailors dancing on the deck of a miniature submarine. WTF!? They were smiling and kicking their little legs

  • up with their ams folded. Their tiny fuzzy black hats were getting drenched in the rain. With all their hopping about I was afraid they'd slip on the deck--it must be slippery ther

  • e...OHHH & just as I was thinking that, the Russian sailors slipped off & tumbled into the ocean. "помощь !!!" they cried. As luck would have it I had just brushed up on my Russian

  • (which really means that I swam home, looked it up on Google Translate, and then came back). By then, the Russian sailors had drowned and I felt very bad. Vodka eased the pain.

  • I carved a stone memorial to them, using BabelFish this time to translate to Russian. It read: ALAS BRAVE SAILOR COMRADES SALUTING YOU! LOST BUT FORGOTTEN IN OCEANS OF DEATH!



  1. lucielucie Oct 13 2013 @ 08:23

    nICE ONE

  2. PurpleProf Oct 13 2013 @ 09:09

    What do you suppose the two tiny Russians really wanted?

  3. Jesrin Oct 14 2013 @ 12:25

    They were probably drunk and needed more vodka.

  4. BlastedHeath Nov 10 2013 @ 15:55

    That was wonderful, excellent and delicious!

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