Flint Paper stared blankly behind his desk

  • Flint Paper stared blankly behind his desk at the woman in front of him. "You want me to do what?"

  • "I want you to make me a sandwich." the woman replied, slapping her palms flat down on his desk. "It's a simple request, really."

  • Mack, looked at Jan's manicured hand. "Their still drying. Rueben on Rye extra mayo." Every fiber of Mack's being said it was wrong for a real man to make a woman a sammich, but

  • he liked sex too-- so totally conflicted. Mack compromised by making Jan a 'woman's sammich'. Jan's sticky purple fingernails curled around the rye. "Where's the Rueben?" she asked

  • . Mack winked conspiratorially and Jan's eyes grew wide as he unzipped, reached in his pants and pulled out corned beef, Swiss cheese with Russian dressing, and sauerkraut. "Here's

  • Johnny!" "Aaaiiiieeeee!!!" she screamed. "I can't believe you got me my favorite. Corned beef!" They lay on the bed and chowed down. He frowned. "Wait, we're just going to eat my

  • sandwich, right? You don't have any ulterior motives, do you?" She was suddenly quiet. A shred of saurkraut hung from the corner of her now quivering chin."I have something to tell

  • myself later when I get in touch with anger brewing inside me." Her seething resentment was finally making itself known. She left the kraut hanging from her chin, no need for

  • an intervention from the Castelluccio brothers. No knee caps needed to be broken. But; I wanted to scream. I moved toward her and licked the kraut from her chin. Then I slapped

  • her, hard enough to split her lip. The Castelluccio's would probably kill me if they knew that I planned to let her leave, otherwise unscathed. I would have to leave with her.



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