I was perusing the American Section of the

  • I was perusing the American Section of the supermarket. I decided to make a Tootsie Roll casserole with pancake mix dumplings & chocolate sauce gravy. I love ethnic food!

  • I got more & more inspired. A Lasagne desert layered with oreos, marshmellows & cheez wiz. Pork rind M&M snickerdoodles. A gummyworm fishers net with a catch of goldfish crackers

  • A chocolate cake the size of a CRT monitor, smothered in horseradish. Wearable Velveeta cheese food product busts of legendary jazz musicians. My imagination soared beyond food.

  • Soon I was dreaming up magnificent flying machines made of cotton candy, and skyscrapers that could reach outer space, built entirely from Pixi Stix. It would make me rich, if I

  • could just stop eating my creations before I finished them. How could I help myself? The cotton candy helicoptor tasted like raspberries, and the pixi stix skyscraper tasted like

  • fruit punch. The licorice bridge over the chocolate ice cream river carried the Air Head taxi cabs and police cars that tasted like watermelon and sour apple. If I wanted an A+ on

  • my fiscal report, I would have to change my stripes. Be the lizard tiger of the realm. Boarding a wiggle tram I ascended the spiral of squishy stairs to the rampart of destiny, det

  • ermined, I brought forth my scroll to the high hierophant. She adjusted her pince-nez. "Not a great year for corn." "Our quarter was down for sacrifices." I pleaded.

  • "I really wish there was something I could do," the hierophant looked at me, full of longing, "but you know the decree. We require that corn." A scream shot out of the pit, and I

  • , with all the corn I could muster, shouted "That is the pits!" The hierophant lit up in green fire, and with great gratitude, rose into the sun. Then it got brighter and brighter.



  1. lucielucie Jan 13 2015 @ 12:52

    http://foldingstory.com/65bc7/1v7d7p/ This is the real life experience which inspired my fold. And I do like ethnic food - apart from Hungarian lung soup. I still have nightmares about that.

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