They each took turns at that papery little

  • They each took turns at that papery little skank. "Aw yeah, you like those letters all over you, you filthy story? I'm gonna fold you so tight, your crease could slice butter!"

  • Some men personified objects, but they further objectified them, dressing them as bunnies and the like. The cameras rolled as the paper and a can of soup, clad in leather, made

  • nastiness together in such a obscene way that

  • we all need to draw a veil over the whole episode and move on. Happy thoughts - that's what we need: moonbeams, bunnies. Not the excruciating pain of an everlasting purgatorial

  • Bride of Frankenstein pen-and-ink lithograph. No, we need Monet's serene haystacks and cool lily pads, Van Gogh's starry, starry nights and (best of all), Bob Ross' happy trees.

  • Sadly, our Ponzi scheme using horse manure painted gold had crashed in a giant flaming pile when Fred threw his lit cigarette on it. So, Monet's and Van Goh's were out and

  • we'd have to settle on decorating the walls with anything we could find at the rubbish dump. Fred suggested we spray paint old bicycle rims and create a modern art piece but

  • I was more into antiques, and insisted that we leave them in their rusted perfection. We never did actually get as far as hanging it on the wall inside, because the Tin Man droole

  • d on himself till he was too rusted to move. "Where's that old oil can?" I said. "Just use some WD-40." Cowardly Lion interjected. Some people don't appreciate antiques I suppose.

  • Meanwhile Dorothy clicked her heels together and the scarecrow was out standing in his field. There's no place like home. Unless you're from Kansas.



  1. 49erFaithful May 15 2013 @ 13:27

    Well feld & highly entertaining!

  2. m80 May 15 2013 @ 23:08

    What a great starting fold!

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