I want to go home.

  • I want to go home.

  • Day-o dayayaya-o. Daylight come & me wanna go home. Work all night and drink red bull. Daylight come & me wanna go home. Fold stories til morning come. Daylight come & me wanna go

  • home. Come, Mister SlimWhitman, tally me GreenBanana (Daylight come and me wanna go home) Come, Mister BuddyBoy tally me CrazyBananas (Daylight come and me wanna go home) Lift

  • me spirit now Foldmeonce-a (Daylight come and me wanna go home). PurpleProf mad at Jefforama (Daylight come and he at Motel 6). LucieLucie fold with da Queen's English grammar

  • , me put you inna jail if you a troll or a spammer (Daylight come & me wanna go fold). Now it's one fold, Chaz fold, BlastedHeath fold too (Daylight come and me wanna Fold & Pass).

  • Me wanna Fold & Pass, before the Sun goe daun. Take a pen and wraite to tha screen, write a story of random joy. Here I is. Thinking of ideas to come to mai mind but it is

  • herd. Vurry herd. Me puts me tinking cap on & comes up wid nuting. Joy. My dishwashing soap, it smeels like limons. Vurry nice. Make me tink of da Florida boyz. In Florida. Me fold

  • in char snepped win I leaned back too furr. Oopsie dus dit! The soapsuds half me slidin all eeround de plays. Da Florida boyz err laffin thurr affses off whan all dee sudden

  • Ize de spize an uppin windose. Den uppsie daissee oust I go! Imz a flingin in der free fall but catchim clothez line. Da Florida boyz makin' wit the shooters. Ka-pee! Ka-Pee!

  • On he babbled - I could take it no longer. I snatched the saber from the Emperor's throne, ignited it mid-air as I launched myself at him, letting my hatred for Darth Binks flow.



  1. sundancer Oct 09 2016 @ 05:14

    I love how mid-fold the song theme stopped but a new theme emerged and everyone kept with the theme until the very end when WHAM. End.

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