At 4, Sezu was taken from an orphanage by

  • At 4, Sezu was taken from an orphanage by a mysterious man to an underground facility. Trained in martial arts for 12 years to become a perfect assassin, she is now known as… Nomi.

  • Unfortunately, the day Nomi was given her secret sword that indicated she was now a perfect assassin the criminal organization that had paid for her 12 years of training went belly

  • up. The economy was hurting every kind of job it seemed. Naomi seethed in her two bedroom apartment for a week before deciding it was time to go free lance. Nothing could make her

  • quit her dream! So free lance it was. Naomi wasn't really sure how to go about becoming a free lancer but was not about to let that stop her. So, for lack of better ideas, Naomi

  • set up a table in the middle of the road in front of her house with a sign which read "Freelancer4Hire" and sat down at it waiting for a car to pass by. After an hour had passed,

  • she began to rethink her marketing approach and hired a mariachi band to drum up business. Still, no takers. Next: Whirling Tumble Twins - nothing, then the Fire-Eating Soccer Moms

  • With No Pants. Nada but a few snickers & singed pubic hairs. This wasn't working out so well, she realized. Lost in her troubled thoughts, she didn't notice the text message that

  • I had sent her, which read "Dont u hav sm undies in yr fridge? LOL". Finally I just yelled across the restaurant to her: "Hey bottomless! Throw on some trou, wouldja?" She looked

  • offended, and gingerly touched her bottom. I felt bad after, and offered her a bottomless drink - her choice (friendly smile and all (gets 'em every time)). She took me up on my

  • Offer and order an expensive bottle of Merlot with dinner, about halfway through she started getting frisky and that my children is out I met grandma. Billy was born shortly after.



  1. Rockdude2 Apr 15 2020 @ 13:41

    I spell good.

  2. LordVacuity Apr 15 2020 @ 18:23

    Imagine if "Friends" had been set in the 40s. Phoebe would be working as a cigarette girl/hat check girl. Rachel would be a Public Affairs Officer with the WACs. Monica would be a chef for the Army making C-Rations. I'm bored of this tack ...

  3. Jimbeau Apr 30 2020 @ 10:54

    LordVacuity is sometmes LordAmbiguity but never LordPerspicuity.

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