Mom wanted the cat to stay in the basket

  • Mom wanted the cat to stay in the basket on top of the fridge. She frantically searched for her roll of duct tape. That seemed like a good idea. But what about the stapler? The cat

  • wasn't going anywhere. The cat was dead. It was stuffed. A taxodermic marvel, but the moths had gotten into her fur, so Mom shoved her amongst the tupperware above the fridge, but

  • stuffed cats didn't tend to keep that well when the plumbing from the sink leaks over them at every opportunity. We didn't really have much choice except to throw the mouldy thing

  • away. He was Great Aunt Beth's cat, who she had taxidermied when she was still alive, but we were not yet born. Surely she wouldn't mind us getting rid of the old thing.

  • Long story short, I @#$%ed the cat...

  • Long story short, I reported superserious for violating the FoldingStory Terms of Service, then moved on to a wholly unrelated topic. Cheese dip! Who wants some?

  • What I didn't know was that while I was double dipping in the cheese dip superserious was seriously plotting his revenge against me. If he just followed the terms of service this

  • wouldn't have happened. If superserious hadn't contributed to the the 5th fold, this wouldn't have happened, either. It just goes to show, boys and girls, that writing a fold on FS

  • tends to have a ripple effect on the whole story, and there can be super serious consequences. So watch out, kiddos. A story can take you anywhere, depending on the writers' whims

  • It can start off curiously funny and by the end of a roller coaster of emotions in ten lines you can be left weeping like an angel over a pair of lost wings.



  1. m80 Apr 28 2015 @ 22:26

    Way to save the story, KieferSkunk, and I appreciate you and all the others who are looking out for the integrity of the site by reporting objectionable folds. There's been a rash of spammy, juvenile and objectionable folds in the last few of months (I reported one that had the "c" word in it!) and I thank everybody who is "fighting the good fight" by continuing to write and do their best to get around the junk. I also really appreciate the fact that Noah is listening and responding because I'm sure it must be a p.i.t.a.

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