Jerry stammered into a room filled with people

  • Jerry stammered into a room filled with people dressed in full Halloween costumes. Everyone turned and gazed at him as if he were the odd looking character.

  • "Mu mu mu my k-k-k-costume. du du du dog ate it. Su su su su sorry " There was no sympathy. The invitation said those without a costume would be punished. Jerry was hoisted

  • pleaded to Tom to spare his life, but the cat would not be moved. He finally got his revenge on that little bastard of a mouse, and he wasn't about to show mercy in his moment of

  • triumph. Jerry was an asshole and Tom was going to show the world. Tom said, "Finally, Jerry, I will eat you!" He opened his paws and saw Jerry...Seinfeld!?

  • It was long overdue that the piano was tuned.

  • We ran out naked and 123 of us phooned while Grouggie got the shot. They then asked us to bring it back. I had to waffle.

  • Bad. But I couldn't get to the doophie on time, and deposited a waffle into my trouser seat in spite of being naked. rouggie got a shot of that, too, and posted it all over Murbook

  • I would never live it down. Everyone on Marlon-5 used Murbook. I would have to move under a rock and eat pond algae and acorns for the rest of my life.

  • It took me a while to pack the necessities. Once I did, I chose a promising looking rock, conveniently located near a pond and moved in. There I lived the rest of my sorry days.



  1. KieferSkunk Jun 27 2018 @ 18:23

    This story is kinda two separate disjoint stories, each 5 folds long. But either way, a descent into madness, which is awesome no matter how you slice it.

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