I sat down in front of the suspect. He hadn't

  • I sat down in front of the suspect. He hadn't lawyered up yet, so here was my big chance to get that confession. " So Mugsy, you added a cup of flour and a teaspoon of baking soda.

  • Mugsy said, "Go ahead copper, do your worse but you'll never get it out of me. My quick-rising buttermilk biscuit recipe will never be revealed." I popped a tape of Barefoot Contes

  • into the microwave and turned it on for 3 minutes. I knew the smell of melting plastic would distract Mugsy long enough to search the kitchen for his secret biscuit recipe

  • As Mugsy ran around shouting for help over the piercing fire alarm, I snooped around, pretending to look for a fire extinguisher. Ah-HA! I found the secret biscuit recipe behind

  • the old moldy refrigerator in Mrs. Gibbons room. Unfortunately, it was on fire. But I had to get that biscuit recipe, So I endured the flames, reached behind the fridge, and felt

  • for the envelop she had taped back there. She kept all her best recipes in that envelop for safe keeping. The biscuit competition goons were after her secret ingredient ever since

  • she took first, second, and third at the 2004 Iowa State Biscuit Bakeoff. Maude had been making guerilla biscuits and backalley marmalade ever since. The biscuit goons had tracked

  • her down to Albuquerque, New Mexico; they had hoped they could restrain her and force her to cook biscuits in their underground biscuit lab.. They didn't count of the radiation of

  • which caused them all to kick the biscuit. You see Esperanza Maximina Bustos Moras dog Pancho ate one of the Bequerel ladden biscuits & mutated into a giant salivating mastiff

  • . I quickly covered SlimWhitman's penis with peanut butter and asked the Mastiff to proceed, knowing well that SlimWhitman would soon become a full-fledged man.



  1. lucielucie Oct 13 2013 @ 17:09

    As SlimWhitman lives in Switzerland wouldn't it have been more culturally sensitive to substitute fondu for peanut butter? Can't assume we all smear peanut butter on our genitals - how Americocentric.

  2. SlimWhitman Oct 13 2013 @ 17:43

    Just a shame that so many good stories recently are ending with the same topic which does become old rather quickly. A bet you've got other writing talents to explore, haven't you backup2011?

  3. PurpleProf Oct 13 2013 @ 19:20


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