I am a prosperous, despicable, two-faced,

  • I am a prosperous, despicable, two-faced, incompetent, ill-mannered, mindless, callous, miserable, corpulent, blustering, erectile-dysfunctioned, man and I would like your vote!

  • A few things weren't going a few people's way so they collectively said 'what the hay' and elected the flawed man. Protests erupted on day 1 when the flawed man cut off all funding

  • to the Department of Balloon Animals which had been a big hit with the citizenry. The protesters marched on the capitol, demanding the colorful rubbery animals that they deserved.

  • Not only that, the protesters carried handmade signs that read: "Free the Balloon Animals", "Balloons Have Feelings Too", "Balloon Is The New Black" and

  • "Don't Pop the Balloon". It was a sight to see - thousands of colourful balloon animals swarming the streets, holding pickets, pitchforks and burning torches. They screamed for

  • justice, but nobody listened, or so he thought. But then the man with the orange face appeared and told the mob to disperse. "Balloon Animals Matter!" cried the man.

  • "There will be no more balloon animal zoos or circuses. They deserve to be free!" And so all the balloon animals were shipped to a special preserve where they were

  • protected against anything sharp that might threaten to pop their latex hides. The whole balloon animal zoo was completely rounded. Visitors were thoroughly searched for pointed

  • sharp objects. Gatekeepers gathered an odd assortment of forbidden items at the balloon animal zoo entrance. Sophie stowed her knitting needles though. She had to finish

  • the job. This had gone on long enough! Once inside, she completely unraveled & within minutes it was finished. Latex carnage everywhere. It was the end of Sophie 's yarn.



  1. PurpleProf Feb 03 2017 @ 07:12

    See what happens?????!!!!!

  2. 49erFaithful Feb 03 2017 @ 08:46


  3. lucielucie Feb 04 2017 @ 01:26

    This is chilling.

  4. Jimbeau Feb 17 2017 @ 16:14

    This baby is still climbing!!!

  5. Rebbie Feb 17 2017 @ 19:24

    I wonder if it can make Folding Story history?!

  6. KieferSkunk Feb 17 2017 @ 22:08

    This is one of the more awesome coherent stories I've read in quite some time. Well done, guys!

  7. perdybduffin Jan 11 2021 @ 21:22

    Amazing story.

  8. Woab Jan 12 2021 @ 12:08


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