He sat slouched in the sofa with 1/2 a dozen

  • He sat slouched in the sofa with 1/2 a dozen cigarette butts ashed out on the coffee table not quite making it to the ashtray. An open bottle of bourbon with the cap lost in the

  • cushions made its' home with dozens of others. His greasy face exploded into laughter as he thought of his Mother seeing him like this. She'd just worry one of her boyfriends would

  • disapprove of her son Billy's cushion collection, or worse, want to claim it (especially the frilly ones). His mother had an array of suitors, like Billy had an array of pillows.

  • Billy and his mother had one thing in common, however: they both thoroughly enjoyed sitting on their collectibles. Billy, on his lovely cushions, and his mother on her boyfriends.

  • The inevitable happened & Billy, while attempting to lower his substantial arse onto a velveteen cushionette, veered onto Jojo, the frailest of his mother's boyfriends. The tiny sq

  • uire spoke in a little itty bitty voice. He sounded like Ms. Frisbee from the Rats of NIMH. Jojo the tiny squire had become Billy's mother's boyfriend through a pizza delivery that

  • had gone to the wrong house. Billy's mother hadn't ordered pizza, but when the tiny squire showed up on the doorstep with her favorite (pineapple w/extra anchovies) she knew fate

  • was on her side. Fate and Billy are never far from one another. Billy could walk in front of a bus and a random gust of wind would move him to "fall" out of the way. Wisdom let

  • Fate do all the work of keeping Billy safe. Wisdom was lazy. If she'd so much as lifted a finger most of the problems Billy got himself into would have never transpired. One time

  • just one time, Fate wished he could have a day off, but lately Wisdom was making such bad choices, she was going to end up in jail. Fate took a deep breath and got back to work.



  1. lucielucie Sep 06 2013 @ 05:42

    I like Jojo the tiny squire

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