CLASSIFIED: When SlimWhitman reaches 10,000

  • CLASSIFIED: When SlimWhitman reaches 10,000 points in FoldingStory, this website will self-destruct within 30 seconds.

  • Do not - I repeat - do NOT like SlimWhitman's folds. Foldingstory cosmos is a real multiverse. The 'stories' actually take place there. However we have discovered that by liking

  • even a single fold, there are repercussions throughout all dimensions. This is especially true for SlimWhitman's folds, for reasons that cannot be discussed. ***SEVERE FOLD ALERT:

  • I'll take my chances and hope that I won't stumble, trip, fall into someone's shoulder, and *accidentally* bite them while continuing this fold. The chances are probably slim

  • that I won't harm someone while writing this fold. Several people I follow are no longer writing on FS. I think I killed them with either my razor sharp wit or my dead reckoning.

  • Another reason that people might stop writing on FS is that if they follow me, I then bombard them with unwanted writing advice and try to sell them my poetry (which is a bargain

  • at all-you-can-carry for a vow of eternal servitude. As a bonus most of it is written in crayon in a language I invented. ACT NOW) But I think most people who quit FS do so because

  • they are being tortured by their ex-lovers who are posting crap about them which is probably 75% true and they don't want to be reminded that they suck at life. So, you gunna sign

  • in blood or what? It's just your soul. Nothing much. No more than 21g of your entire body weight. A negligible little thing for what I offer. Revenge, pure and sweet. Can't ask for

  • more. Trust me, you won't even miss it. Hmm? You said okay? Alright, the deal is sealed. Tonight, when you transcend the boundaries of soullessness, take the sweet revenge!



  1. BlastedHeath Dec 25 2014 @ 11:02

    Wait a minute -- Slim has over 11K folds now. We must have gone past the event horizon!

  2. SlimWhitman Dec 25 2014 @ 16:37

    We're in a different multiverse now - one where likes weigh no more than 21g, so fold away fellow foldizens and like what you like. It won't add up to much mass. Trust me. ;-)

  3. PurpleProf Dec 25 2014 @ 23:56

    Yes, yes...that's exactly right ^^ OH and MERRY CHRISTMAS, FS Friends!

  4. SlimWhitman Jan 01 2015 @ 03:34

    ... and Happy New Year!

  5. zxvasdf Jan 21 2015 @ 19:50

    I think this fold accidentally bled in from another universe, the resulting explosion slash implosion of that folding story website reverberating across the multiversal membranes.

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