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stepped across the threshold of the now shattered door. He raised a water gun and demanded to see all the cash available. The people inside the building screamed for help, there wa

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that his noodles were as black as the rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called amabo. This was confusing because his noodle were supposed to be "pink Ramen" his odd obsessio

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Our flesh tends to crawl when we are reminded about what's under it. It's a meat thing, you wouldn't understand. Oh, you're cute at Halloween and all, but at other times you tend

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her girlfriend, Nya Pramburg, that she was in deep shit. "Come now, deathbot out of control!" As the message sent, Johnson stirred on the martian terrain, where he had been shocke

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Durga had an ashram in the Himalyas and our heroine never returned to Chicago. After the Cubs won the World Series, the Bulls and Bears fought it out on the streets. Durga excelled

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to see Cecil Carruthers one of the two local Greenseers. The other one was Melissa Crause but she and he had bad history so Cecil it had to be. Lance told Cedil about Greenland and

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tal Insurance calenders and he would move on the Nationals next month in Las Vegas. So he figured he had a month to find a frilly open shirt and a damsel. He had no idea on the 1st

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with sentient olives. The Grand Inquisitor considered her objections, especially the sentient olives. He consulted with the Devil's Advocate most of the dark night of the Soul.

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He looked again at his map mind. He read the planet's hieroglyph again: MEMPHIS'. Switching back to think mind, he scaled it down to fit the local language paradigms & pronounced

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cheese shoes, he'd never be able to live it down. He'd have to forfeit the car and the flat and live in a box in an alley. Luckily the King loved it all but the toe holes and the