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approach the penguins with caution. They may seem innocent, but we suspect they're a new cult of sorts. We suspect they're looking for human recruits.

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Which made it queer that we were having a bacchanal above his grave."It's a wake!"a drunken reveler staggered by,his cup sloshing halogen green. "Hey, that's not a keg," I started,

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"Yes," Mark said, which was a lie, of course. They weren't written for comprehension--but to corner him should their interests conflict with his.

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A deft application of mascara makes things seem larger than they are. We've branched out to sell other Beauty Below™ products like our special wigs so the carpet match the drapes.

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These Ray Harryhausen rejects ticked and tocked buckets sloshing tepid soap-clouded bathwater to the flames.Their shadows danced on the wall and my note, wet on the floor, blurred

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clown-killers. Professionals. The Grove Street Families had been nothing more than a Los Santos street gang before the Clownpocalypse - but now we stood for something a little more

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Ed cocked her head to the side made a pouting face. Ted furrowed his brow. Suddenly, Spike happened by the open door. "Who the hell are you?" He asked. "How'd you get on the ship?"

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my bad-touch uncle, Unkle Eduardo, climbing over the fence. "Eduardo," my mother shouted. "You aren't welcome here! Leave before we call the police!" But Eduardo was already dead.

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to my secret Clown-Cave™. There the children would be dropped into the individuals cells of the Ernfield Device where their genetic makeups would be altered to that of a clown. The

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a goddamned hermaphrodite. Great. It's like I was stuck in that goddamned song by the Kinks, "Lola". Oh well, I'd read on an imageboard that it wasn't gay unless balls touched, so