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This moment manifests. Looks around and wonders what the hubbub was all about. This was all there was? The moment felt cheated which is something the moment should not be able to

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"In the garage with the other junk!" my wife bellowed back. So, that's what she thought of my magnificient physique! Since she started pilates my pot belly has been an issue. I bet

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And then finished my popcorn before the blue line train arrived. I felt some hands trying to steal it before,I got on the train. She was still on the cinema watching "The train to

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"Ah, guilt is overrated" quipped someone in the back of my mind.. But passive aggressive.... mmm that was juicy

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the auction will finish favourably. Robots here, after all, are avid slaves AND buyers of slaves. A sympathy that may turn to a coin. I wiped my sweaty forhead and announced that

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The perfect food sludge that would power their metamorphosis. Angus was skeptical but when the aliens came to collect the 3 cows, Verde De Verdad a Spanish vegan tried to create a

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The great Knight Dillomoore decided to find a companion to make his morning donuts. However as he found Jillia Baker, a Baker. A giant Raccoon with wings swooped her and the donuts

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I saw an enchilada chilling on the beach with a chicken nugget.

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Tactful and smart. If our armies of soldiers and thieves were to attain our quest for the golden diesel donut in the unwritten agreement from the even musical invisible chamber the

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Could make poems and epics like a need from the Nordic and medieval era you were fine. However the Blind Poets were in search of the perfect poem... more perfect than what