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but not the higher truths of the Dharma. When March spoke of finding solace in the three jewels, May giggled and descended one level of existence, into

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If I hadn't, they wouldn't have air-rushed me to the hospital in Tempe, and I wouldn't have been reunited with my old college buddy Hart Larew, who once dared me to

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I knew that it wouldn't get me out of cleaning my room, taking out the trash, picking up the dog poop, and castrating the recliner, but it was worth a try. I trudged to

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flew away as fast as she could, leaving me behind. The Eagle has a bad history with trolls so I partially don't blame her, but then again this troll is right in front of me...

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it wouldn't budge. The Sentient Sofa seemed to sag even more down its midsection. As if on cue, the stoats shimmied over toward the attacker. Their beady black eyes freaked him out

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Yoda and Batman grasp hands and ran down the corridor. The were confronted by a two-faced man brandishing a light-sabre. Yoda lept into the air as Batman unleashed the power of his

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aragraphs of text on her viewscreen face. "Let's see to get sand out of textiles? No, that won''t help...." Jack kept clicking the inputs on her digits, sifting through

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She walks up to me and says hi. I tilt my head to the side and take in her features. She didn't look real. She was perfect.

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lity to make pie. No dainty cherry pie. No sweet shoofly. But a manly Shepard's Pie. As tenacious as the men of the namesake. It was during the Irish potato famine that it gained

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I decided I was ready to infiltrate the enemy stronghold. I stood outside Madame Dolce's Love Acadamy. When a clerk came to greet me, I almost froze, but heard Agent 450's voice in