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When she was a child she had a vision of herself seeing something she couldn't believe which she remembered she had already seen as a child when she saw this very thing. She still

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d, to pick up the title and like you, die fighting to fight again in the Gloaming with your brothers and sisters and your cattle and consorts and your women. Each gives a wound.

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There was a father shaped hole there that will need big shoes to fill & he better come with lots of tools because, well because: there must be a reason. My world view is cock-eyed.

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Dr. Seuss told, how the frost giants would leer a sneerity sneer and they would sink your house into the frosty mire if you hadn't the brightest of bright soul fires. But my fire w

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She waited until the hag was asleep on the bus. Then she gnawed a hole and laid eggs in her. The tarantula slipped away singing a song about cursing a hag with kids just like her.

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squishy new tentacles that he had implanted on Sortex 4, He was home on Earth again and now he was ready for life after the melt of the polar ice caps. Gills and all he dove into

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in my shiny new red shoes. If you click them three times they'll send you to the moon." The four year old girl next to the shoe shop window sang in bare feet in the snow. Her holey

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had won the Boston Marathon by eating enough pasta before so that it couldn't fly. Luke also conditioned the parrot by forcing it to binge-watch Forrest Gump & shoving fire ants up

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Ed was 100 when he decided to take up street luge. Since he believed in starting every activity before sunrise, he had to practice during morning rush hour. His granddaughter Penny

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I also saw a witch in a tree stump and somehow hanging by her tongue that is wrapped around the throat of a mountain man lying down on the cliff high above her. An alien elfman wat