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in and punched him in the nose. He fell onto the sticky floor. The last thought he had before he passed out was "Maybe I should make pancakes." When he awoke, he found that he had

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Would she see the cup of half forgotten tea in his hand? Maybe she was seeing the note Nick left on the fridge. December 2019, it couldn't get worse for Kevin. Well unless, but no

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She liked to imagine while in the hat with the cat that they were flying through space and time to right the wrongs inflicted on their kind. Kitten & Egg. Then the cat would boop

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of ergot that I got from Lot in the parking lot of Big Lots. Then I heard shots. Lots and lots of shots. Lot had been shot. Revealing Lot was a robot from Camelot named Lancelot.

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Imitative magick: A cargo cult is an example. Mimicking the desired effect to bring it about. Fashion is another example often hoisted on the hoi polloi to make/keep them feeling

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Sympathetic magick: Relics are an example of this. Collecting autographs. Someone has imbued an object with their touch. Possess that thing and it is the same as touching them.

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I like to ask myself questions to which I don't know the answer to see if I do. I'd be surprised at how many times I get it right if I didn't already know how many times it was. Of

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Time past by so quickly, it felt like only mere minutes had passed since he was resting in the sunny fields behind his grandma's house, picking colorful flowers and laughing loudly

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The pandemic was not being handed a loaded gun. It was a loaded gun. No, the pandemic was being offered a helping hand and a shiny brochure. The Bible Belt looked nice. Lots of hot

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“Comrade, it’s time for you to accept the fact that YOU are my inferior.” “Whatever you say, Nazi!” “How many times do I have to tell you, the KGB is not affiliated with Nazis.”