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Didn't matter, though, if you were folding stories. Purple Prof made sure there were tea and scones for everyone. That made all participants in the folding story ritual feel like

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And it rained, or shall I say, poured. Ideas for folding stories were everywhere, taking on a plethora of forms, served in a smorgasbord format by Tristan Tzara. Slim Whitman chose

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I swear it. I'll risk anything to catch his golden parachute tail. I want to overdraft my way into retail nirvanna. I leaned dangerously forward grasping at the gossamer threads

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must lead the 151st Space Rescue Squadron to the planet orbiting the dangerous sun in galaxy 29Q. I give you full authority to complete the mission at any cost. We cannot

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And over the next few centuries, the universe had become a more peaceful place. If they hadn't met in secret, all their efforts would have been sabotaged by

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But how bad could it be? The postage stamps were selling faster than hotcakes, and we were running out of pie.

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Khusyairi dodged it, barely. Grabbing a handful of the water bombs, he threw it back at Ariq. One clopped his brother square on the head. Ariq fell to the ground, crying

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Their money laundering through HSBC and Deutschebank, in the form of derivitives. Once Herr Messerschmidt the CEO was arrested, the future for Det J and Betty Gordon was bleak.

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Lord Melos regarded his teacup hesitantly, then shrugged and drank it anyway. The party under the awning gasped. "Did he just drink a cup full of dirty rainwater?" Melos chuckled.

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. It didn't land in my shrinking green circle so I kept running. "PIKA PIKA PIKA!!!" I screeched. It's okay, I told myself as I ran into a nearby house. But uh-oh ...