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ened up and a vinyl disc started playing workout 80's music. Trebeck moved with the groove and dodged the lasers stylishly. He aimed his faster-blaster at the laser guns and

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melted all over decrackers and we popped the champagne (actually, the blast had popped it all ready) and toasted the toasting of the land and boiling of the sea. We were the demons

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Time I had heard someone say this. And it was disturbing! Was this from Fukushima? After five years, it seemed to be the concensus.

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To the pavillion where they were performing for sold out audiences three nights in a row. That was a new record, according to Jam Productions. Mr. Lipezian, the leader of the group

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took his seat in the Peanut Gallery to watch the Trial of Joseph K. He was charged with the crime of naked aggression towards the idea of Idea. Both his argument and legal acumen

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arst Asylum, to attend The Sacred Fire festival. Al & Tipper thrilled at being chosen official fire lighters, not knowing THEY were the kindling. "Time for your cranial electroshoc

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chided them for their lack of manners. They might be frankenninja spiders and in her cupboards but she will not abide that salty talk. She pulled the door open and opened fire. Her

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"The term like all language is fluid. It's meaning can change quickly. Fag used to mean a pile of wood now it means a cigarette. So was the case with "cartoon". Super Farmer was j

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return a bad Christmas gift on the day after Christmas in Laredo, Texas in a department store that even though it is 98 degrees out does not have the AC on because it was 33 this m

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Boast about what the hungry hippo hid inside. It went viral. Ratgod 's minions demanded the Twitter account be shut down.