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hold up under such conditions? I mean stacking them so high in his truck could be a problem. I hope the cans don't ...

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from miles around to mock him, nearly to the point of suicide. "I Will Survive" meant nothing to Ricky. The Rainbow Heathen Circle didn't help with their othering and controlling t

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injected, and a real rager was had. It wasn't the end though, for the P. H.-inator had lost all control: he was enjoying his job too much. It was time to call in The Hand.

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on the edge of the abandoned middle school's parking lot. Bunga's early episodes were sketchy at best, but with practice he became faster at his rough drawings. Then caveman advert

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were a little confused when they read my note, but decide not to follow me. They wasted no time in letting my room out, and I later heard that both POTHI and his brother exploded

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do it! I am the guilty party!" I hung my head & tried my best to appear guilty.By now, the PO-leece were crawling all over the room,searching for more evidence. "Here's the broach!

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along his own timeline, trying to put right what once went wrong. There was too much to do. Spock could not eradicate the Kirk/Spock slash that denied Spock and Bones were together

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Lord SuperMogg knew how to curry favor. That very abomination was closer to the throne than anyone knew, and it was amused by Lord SM's use of "you lot" in official memos to the

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rope in time to Sylvester Stallone who was training hard for his upcoming bout with Clubber. When I felt my leg muscles had grown enough, I turned to face the nuke wielding aliens.

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-gy was taken away when she showed up for her speech wearing only Spandex tights and a pair of Band-Aids. She sued the school and started an university of her own called Form-Fit