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the negativity bus, when the positivity machine was rebuilt.

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The grubs of progress and adventure woke you each morning to get get you into the battle of existing....sometimes that bitch just was out to kill you.

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got too thirsty for shade the CW was bitch be cray cray for the D. She is going to be in your bae's DMs if she wasn't already there. She's a thot! She won't be no side chick again

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My mother-in-law about his son, Tony, being one of the Spiders From Mars. Ziggy played guitar and made it into art. These sordid jokes were slowly made into mother-in-law curry.

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-ole engulfed them immediately, but instead of taking them to The Land of Death, it dropped Majandu and Udnajam off at a Cracker Barrel restaurant off of Route 66 near the border

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He was fricassed and served on a bed of lettuce with a radish. The house red paired nicely with him. The High Priestess of the Food Channel, now mollified, relented and allowed the

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I decided I'd rather have diabetes than cancer so i used the raw sugar in my coffee. Everyone released the breath they had all been holding to see which I would choose. My choice c

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The big bad wolf, smelling a bluff, only growled a laugh and chewed his way through a light patrol and got away into the forest. Most likely on his way to steal Excalibur again.

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use of fish brains, mandrake root, and the placenta of a new born messiah. The judges wanted to see the use of at least three of the Forbidden Cooking Techniques of The Mad Cook of

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f the manager dropping a slice of pizza and then picking it up and serving it to the customer. The duped customer claims it is the best slice he's ever had. He notes a hint of Nunn