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on the edge of the abandoned middle school's parking lot. Bunga's early episodes were sketchy at best, but with practice he became faster at his rough drawings. Then caveman advert

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were a little confused when they read my note, but decide not to follow me. They wasted no time in letting my room out, and I later heard that both POTHI and his brother exploded

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-gy was taken away when she showed up for her speech wearing only Spandex tights and a pair of Band-Aids. She sued the school and started an university of her own called Form-Fit

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to poor acting, lousy direction and virtually zero special effects, and panned it. But the weirdo artistic types found Moonlighting 2: The Relightening to be a fascinating, quirky

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for letting the roaches live their little lives in peace, garnished wages for stepping on a crack, a weird sort of look for not being "crystal-resonant", wergeld for axe murders, f

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All that fur was a beautiful princess named Darth Myrrh. "I'm also FANTASTICALLY single" she purred, the blade hidden in an unmentionable orifice. Excited, bathmat quivering,

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trembled when Trevor walked by. "Don't be a drip, Squiggy," Lenny said to him, "you're the spawn of Cthulu and he's human. It'll never work." Deep inside, Squiggy knew that Lenny

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cadence of the verse and slapped the composer's wrists with a wooden yardstick. But "Secret Agent Priest and Pirate Nun became a hit TV show because the general public does not

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am an ottoman,” said Tyrion, “and now I’m off to find a whore!” “Hold on,” said a local, “no ottoman I know frequents whores! You’re Tyrion Lannister!” Tyrion had just enough time

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that they were already red enough. The incontinent alkie Republicans were irate about this as they always are, but at least it spared Colonel Rumpcheeks his Chateau Rosso '43.