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Warrensburg, Missouri. These techniques included the tossing of raw eggs at least ten feet in the air before cooking, the use of sheep eyes as wedding cake decorations, and the

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The common confusion virus among the sheeple was so vast in scope, nobody could measure it. Rare Pokemons flourished in Austin, TX as a result three years later. The professors of

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the squalid hovel we shared with a stoat, cleaning that turkish bath in San Francisco, that pink comb in the corner of that San Diego street by the tracks and the homeless guys. He

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Suddenly, a knock on the door: it was a process server. Apparently a team of Hasbro lawyers were suing him as his so-called "Wibble" was a knock-off of their Weeble® line of

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"The dirt upturned was bloody murder", a voice on the on the other end said & hung up. Mama says that Granpa's eyebrows gave them the news first. He hung up the phone & said "War"

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cut it off. Like a MAN! He didn't need it anymore. The scar would prove it for him. That is what he told everybody but the truth was he thought it had been a succubus & he hated th

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in an overturned spittoon. He described to them how their very faces could be used to bury the bust of Montesquieu right in the face of the Queen of Wasps herself if the fingers

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break free of Pangaia and cross the Bering Sea to Amerika. Where they worked their way south and eventually reached Chili. We, of course, didn't know those names or what we'd find.

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He did his Jedi wrist flick at the kush on the landcruiser's dashboard. Once he had it in his Force fingers he gave his cyborg hands a twist and sniffed the kush's ultimate toke.

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Of course, it didn't help calm the censors down that every word of was going out live. Nor did it do the producers and cast any favors to discover that the girl was blind and lost